What is the court process for people with a DUI charge in Oregon?

First court date: Arraignment. 

At that time you will be presented with a charging document called an indictment or complaint. The indictment will list all your charges and their details.

DUI Complaint Washington County Court

Typically, after the arraignment hearing, the charged person will be given a new court date and the further instructions to follow. The court will give you some time (from 2 weeks to 30 days) to prepare the defense to the criminal charge and come back with the findings and decisions.

Second Court Date: Case Managment Appearance.

By now you have met and consulted with your DUI attorney, had your DMV hearing, questioned the police officer, reviewed your discovery (police reports, etc.) documents, examined the evidence and prepared the defense. It is time to talk to a judge. Your attorney advised you the best and the worst case scenario. You both agreed to the future plan of actions: plea deal worked out with the district attorney on your case or a trial either by a judge or a jury. If you are going to take the plea, you will not have any more of the court appearances after that point.

Third Court Date: Call or Pre-Trial. 

These court dates are called the administrative court hearings.

Fourth Court Date: Trial by Judge or Jury


Herron Law wants you to know that each court has its own supplemental local rules and procedures. Therefore, you want a lawyer who is familiar with being in your court. We proudly represent people on DUI charges in the entire Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas. We are familiar with the DUI proceedings in Clackamas County Circuit Court, Washington County Circuit Court, Multnomah County Circuit Court, Marion County Circuit Court, Yamhill County Circuit Court, Polk County Circuit Court and many circuit other courts.


To have or not to have a lawyer? Drunk driving charges are deemed to be very serious by the courts. Many people are surprised, in court, to learn just how serious judges consider driving under the influence of intoxicants to be. Such people typically appear in court without an attorney and learn the hard way from the judge. Portland DUI defense attorney Bart Herron has been in court nearly every business day for the past nineteen years. He has gotten a lot of on the job courtroom experience in this way and defends DUI charges in Beaverton Municipal Court, Lake Oswego Municipal Court, West Linn Municipal Court, City of Salem Municipal Court and others courts. If you have been charged with a DUI, we are the attorneys you should call for expert legal advice.